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Volunteers play a huge role in providing additional support to our organization.  Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused many changes in our volunteer program.  Our facility currently limits the number of volunteers to 2 per day and accepts volunteers from Adult or Juvenile Probation, AARP Senior Employment, TWC, or a special program.
Filling out a volunteer application does not guarantee we will be able to accommodate your school and/or work schedule.  Volunteers are accepted based on the agency's needs and only 2 volunteers per day.

* Apply in person or online

* Present a valid picture ID
* Obtain criminal background check from Brownsville Police Department
* Bring referral form for community service hours
* Students or student groups who need to complete community service hours for class projects do not need a criminal background check


Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Clerical and Receptionist duties

  • Child care assistants during classes

  • Community Outreach 

  • Maintenance / Yard Work

  • Special Projects

  • Fundraising

Volunteer Registration

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